Author Topic: Trying to find a SINGLE file out of a corrupt file set. 2005-12-01 Toronto, ON  (Read 2781 times)


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Anyone have 01. Intro > A Pain That I'm Used To (Flac file) from this source? My data dvd went corrupt and I am transferring everything to hard drive and just need to ONE flac file. It's not available as a torrent yet on the site. Email me at [email protected]

You might know about some of my DM/MG/DG recordings, so I am not just a leech :)

Depeche Mode
December 1st, 2005
Air Canada Centre
Toronto, ON

Taped By: Toni A. (hitch/77)

SP-CMC2s (AT831s) > SP-SPSB1 (No Bass Roll Off) > JB3

AT831s > SP-SPSB-1 > JB3M(48Khz) > RESAMPLE > 44.1Khz > CDR ([1] When Burned)

JB3 > Firewire > Sound Forge 8.0 (Resample, Fade, Audience Compression) >
CD Wave Editor 1.94.6 (Tracking) > FLAC frontend 1.7.1 (Align on Sector Boundaries) > FLAC8 > Flac (&you)

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I was able to send Chris the file he was looking for. Of course, this recording will be available on the wiki in its entirety when I get around to doing the TTA tour.
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