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Lyrics differences live vs album


DM Live Wiki:
I've noticed several differences in lyrics sung live vs their album versions:
[*]New Life: "transition to another song so the time will pass more slowly" at 1980-10-30 Bridge House
[*]Just Can't Get Enough live between 1980 and 1981-06-01 London: Dave sings "and when it rains, you're shining out for me, in line with Vince's original written lyrics (see page 18 of Bong24 magazine). The next available recording from 1981-06-27 Rayleigh Dave clearly sings "down".
[*]Photographic album vs. TTA: "Photographic" during every tour up to TTA has Dave singing "a second passed like an empty room" (which is what is sung on the "Some Bizzare" version and apparently the album version). During TTA & TOTU Dave sings "a second passed like an empty glass" (while Martin still sings the "room" backing vocal every time).
[*]John The Revelator TTA: Dave sings "all he ever gives us is blame", instead of "pain". This is evident on several very good quality AUDs, an IEM, an ALD, various LHN soundboards, and the KROQ FM broadcast. Can't tell on the DVD (didn't realize it was that muddy sounding, especially compared to the LHNs). Amusingly, during the Delta Machine tour, he very clearly sings "pain". I think on the TTA tour rehearsal he does sing "pain".
[*]Nothing's Impossible TTA: Dave sings "let's take a chance, go back to the start" rather than the repeated "how did we get to be this far apart?". Demo and rehearsal has this lyric too; album version is the only one that has the lyric repeated for some reason.
[*]Somebody: Martin adds "in a place like this, I'll get away with it" since 1984-10-16 Glasgow or 1984-10-14 Blackburn (no recording available of the latter to check) for the entirety of the SGR tour; not on 1986-08-16 Copenhagen (only time the track was performed on BC tour); always on MFTM tour, plus he includes "and" before the line; not on Devotional; not on Exotic; not on Singles; not on Exciter; not on TTA; not on TOTU; not on DeMa
Anybody else notice anything?

On the Exciter tour Dave often sang "we take the sleaziest girls to our easiest worlds", while the original lyrics said "we take the easiest girls to our sleaziest worlds" in "the dead of night".


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