Live > 1982 - 1983 "A Broken Frame" Tour

Are you on a recording ?


The recording of the 25th October at 2m.12 has a girl scream as Dave comes onto the stages and says 'Good Evening Everybody'

Since 1983 when I purchased the 12" with this on it, I have always wondered if the girl screaming recognizes herself.

I think she was my first crush as she felt the same way for Depeche as I did and still do

Who is that girl ?

haha - great question! Good luck finding her! (how could she prove it?)  :)

Hey Ronny

As with most crushes , it is better that I dont really know who she is.

Forever to remain as my fantasy

That´s probably right. She might have had a crush on Dave back then and turned to the next best singer a couple of weeks later. Who knows...  ;)


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